Creative Yarra grants

We awarded $510,000, over 3 years, to 10 organisations and 2 individual artists to provide dynamic and valuable arts activities in the City of Yarra through the Creative Yarra grants.

The activities are each of high cultural and artistic merit and demonstrate a strong link with Yarra’s community.

Image of a neon sign on a building saying 'our home'.

The 10 organisations and 2 artists successful in this round are:

  • The Gertrude Projection Association
  • Melbourne Fringe
  • Polyglot Theatre
  • The Village Festival of New Performance
  • Circus Oz
  • Liquid Architecture
  • The Boite (VIC) Inc
  • Bus Projects
  • SEVENTH Gallery
  • Artful Dodgers Studio, Jesuit Social Services
  • Shelley Lasica
  • Michele Lee

Read more about our current Creative Yarra Grant Recipients and their projects.

More information about the Creative Yarra Grants can be found in the Creative Yarra 2017-19 Guidelines.

Funding for our much-loved street festivals

The Johnston Street Latin American Fiesta and the Victoria Street Lunar Festival will each receive $30,000 per annum for the next 3 years, as well as event management and logistics support.

These long-running events remain 2 of Yarra’s highest capacity festivals and both are located in celebrated streets and run by community committees.

Got a question?

If you have a question about Creative Yarra grants, you can ask us online, or call us on 9205 5170 or 9205 5146.