Place Naming

We are responsible for naming our assets included roads, parks and other places.

The naming process is governed by our Place Naming Policy and allows us to recognise the history and cultural significance of an area or to honour the contributions of a person or group.

How we name roads

The City of Yarra contains many hundreds of laneways (officially called 'rights-of-way'), ranging in size from no more than a short pedestrian pathway, right through to a well used vehicle thoroughfare with traffic signage and provision for parking. In deciding which ones to name, we have to consider a range of factors.

Naming a right-of-way

Before we decide to name a right-of-way, we first determine whether it needs naming. In most circumstances, naming processes are triggered when a subdivision occurs and new properties are created which will use the right of way as their exclusive access.

In these cases, it can be beneficial for properties to be properly addressed, as this assists with mail, deliveries, emergency services and visitors to those properties. We do not ordinarily support the naming of rights-of-way that continue to serve their original purpose of providing access to the side and rear of properties.

If we decide to name a right of way, we undertake a naming process which involes writing to all neighbouring property owner and occupiers and writing to key stakeholders like any local historical societies and the Wurundjeri Tribe and inviting submissions on the proposed name.

It is our preference to use Woi wurrung (the language spoken by the Wurundjeri people) for place naming, but we will not use an aboriginal name without the express approval of the Wurundjeri Tribe.

How we name parks, buildings, suburbs and other things

While the most common thing we name is a right of way, we do occasionally have the opportunity to name other places and facilities in the municipality. The process for naming these things is customised depending on what we're planning to name, but it's modelled on the process we've designed for road naming.

Current place naming proposals

There are no current place naming proposals.

Recent place naming proposals

The following places have been recently named by Council:

  • Bagung Lane Princes Hill - a Woi wurrung word meaning "to gather"
  • Barruth Lane Fitzroy North - a Woi wurrung word meaning "marsupial mouse"
  • Brooklyn Terrace Clifton Hill - in recognition of the historic 'Brooklyn' house
  • Dyer Street Richmond - in recognition of Jack Dyer Sr OAM
  • Garryowen Lane Fitzroy - in recognition of Edmund ‘Garryowen’ Finn
  • Kurnagar Lane Richmond - a Woi wurrung word meaning "top of a hill"
  • Vlajnic Lane Fitzroy North - in recognition of Mirko Vlajnic
  • Mechanics Lane Fitzroy - in recognition of the working class history of Fitzroy 
  • Mills Boulevard Alphington - in recognition of the former Alphington paper mills
  • Montalto Lane in Collingwood - in recognition of Joe Montalto
  • Ngawe Lane Burnley - A Woi wurrung word meaning 'rest'
  • Pandolean Lane Richmond - in recognition of John Pandoleon
  • Shoemaker Lane - in recognition of a former shoe factory in McKean Street
  • Stockade Lane Richmond - in recognition of Peter Lawler
  • Tavares Lane Collingwood - in recognition of Antonio Tavares
  • Tharra Lane Fitzroy North - a Woi wurring word meaning 'white hawk'
  • Wadambuk Lane Burnley - a Woi wurrung word meaning 'renew'
  • Worker Lane Richmond - in recognition of Yarra's long tradition of organised labour
  • Yerrin Chase Alphington - a Woi wurrung word meaning 'bush'

For further information contact Yarra City Council on 9205 5555 or email [email protected].