Tobacco Legislation

Tobacco and e-cigarette display, sale and use requirements

The Tobacco Act 1987 regulates the display, sale and use of tobacco and e-cigarette products.

Reducing smoking rates amongst young people continues to be a very important public health priority and retailers have a responsibility to prevent people under 18 years of age from purchasing tobacco or e-cigarettes from their businesses.  

Retailers should ensure that any staff responsible for the sale of tobacco or e-cigerette products complete the relevant training every six months. This training and acknowledgement checklist. should be completed and signed by the employee and manager.

Our Environmental Health Officers conduct regular visits to tobacco and e-cigarette retailers within City of Yarra to provide information and ensure compliance under the Tobacco Act including:

  • Smoke free dining including at outdoor food events
  • No sales to minors (under 18 year olds) by conducting a test purchase program
  • Display and advertising requirements
  • Smoke free areas around hospital, school and childcare entrances, playgrounds and under age sporting events
  • Display of no smoking signage 

Further information regarding the tobacco and e-cigarette requirements for businesses or members of the public can be accessed below.



Reporting a breach of tobacco laws

If you believe a premises is in breach of the tobacco laws please submit a report to us.

Information we need to investigate:

  • Address of premises
  • Description of issue
  • Date of the offence

If the issue is occurring now call 9205 5555 to speak with our Public Health team.

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