Photos of your infringement

To help you choose what action to take to resolve your infringement, you can view the photographs we have taken. You will need to provide the infringement number and offence address in order to view the details here.

Why do you take photos of my fine? 

As an enforcement agency, we may collect photographs specific to an offence for breaching our General Local Laws or any state legislation that our officers are authorised to enforce. This is done to document the offence and assist with any subsequent review or prosecution of an infringement.

The images are stored in a secure system only accessible to staff who require access to process internal reviews/appeals and assist with customer enquiries. We have made online images for infringements available to help you determine what action to take to resolve your infringement. Information on how to appeal your infringement can be found here.

If you are having difficulty viewing photos of your parking infringement, please read below.

Why is my search showing no results found?

 If you received the infringement today or yesterday, the officer’s photos may not have been loaded into the system yet. This can take up to 3 days. We recommend you search for photos at least 3 days after the date the infringement was issued.

Double-check that you are correctly entering your infringement number and offence location exactly as shown on the fine.

Why can’t I see any photos?

Photos are not always taken by officers when issuing fines. If the infringement details (such as time, date, location) are showing without any photos, it is most likely that the officer has not taken any photos on this occasion.

Are you allowed to publish photos online of my offence?

Viewing of the photos is restricted and requires both the infringement number and offence date to be correctly entered in order to view the photos. The photographs themselves have captured details that are available to the general public walking past in the street. Other enforcement agencies around Australia also make their infringement-related photographs available online.

Why is the issue time different to the offence time?

The offence time is when the parking offence was deemed to have occurred. The issue time is when the officer finished inputting all of the relevant information into their hand-held device and issued the fine.

For more information call Yarra City Council on 9205 5555 or email