Learn about infringement notices, including how to pay them or appeal them.

Infringement notices are issued when there is an alleged breach of legislation. This page relates to the following types of infringement notices:

  • Local law infringement
  • Planning infringement
  • Construction infringement
  • Animal infringement
  • Environmental Protection Act (EPA) infringement
  • Public health infringement
  • Building infringement
For any enquiries or internal reviews relating to a parking infringement, visit the parking fines page.

Paying an infringement notice

Pay your infringement online

Pay online

Pay by phone

Call us on 1300 792 772.

Pay by post

Please make the cheque payable to Yarra City Council and send it to:

Yarra City Council
PO Box 168
Richmond VIC 3121

Pay in person

Visit our contact page to find your nearest contact centre.

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