Food or health issues

Our Environmental Health Officers investigate all food safety complaints about food hygiene, foreign object contamination and poor food handling at food premises within the City of Yarra.

If you have symptoms of food poisoning such as vomiting, diarrhoea or stomach cramps, Council recommends that you see your doctor as well as reporting it to us.

Report suspected food poisoning

Examples of food hygiene or safety issues

  • Foreign object in a food that should not be there.
  • Food that cannot be eaten because it is unfit for human use, for example, mouldy or rotten food
  • Damaged food containers
  • Packaged foods without proper labelling, for example, best before date, use by dates, nutritional information and country of origin.
  • Unclean food businesses.
  • Poor or questionable food handling procedures.

Report a food hygiene or safety issue

  • What you ate, bought or saw
  • Where: name and address
  • When: date and time that you ate, bought food or observed a problem, and
  • Any other relevant details, for example, a description of person who served you if the complaint relates to food handling.