Gifts to Council

Please don't offer us a gift

From time to time, Councillors or Council staff are offered a gift or hospitality by a member of the public, supplier or an organisation that we have dealt with. While the offer of these gifts is appreciated, we do not encourage the offers of gifts and would prefer that they not be made. Individuals can only accept gifts in very limited circumstances. These circumstances include:

  • Where the gift is being accepted on behalf of the Council.
  • Where refusal of the gift would cause embarrassment or offence to the gift giver.
  • Where the gift is of small value and provided by a client to a direct service provider (such as a small gift to a child carer).
  • Where reasonable hospitality is provided at a function or event (such as coffee and sandwiches at a training seminar).

Where gifts are received, they are either returned to the gift giver, disposed of or donated to charity. In 2019, Council donated all declared gifts to St Mary’s House of Welcome in Fitzroy where it could be distributed by them at ‘The Big Give’ - a Christmas lunch for over 300 people experiencing chronic homelessness and disadvantage, held at the Fitzroy Town Hall.

In some circumstances, the offer of a gift could be considered an inducement and could disqualify the gift giver from a tender or procurement process, a recruitment process, a grant application, an expression of interest or other application of some kind.

If you have dealt with a Councillor or member of staff and wish to express your appreciation, the best way would be to provide positive feedback to us by email and ask that it be passed on to their immediate supervisor. You can do this by emailing it to [email protected].

Relevant documents

For further information, contact Yarra City Council on 9205 5555 or at [email protected].