Municipal Monitor

Council's Municipal Monitor is Yehudi Blacher.

On 14 December 2021, the Minister for Local Government appointed Mr Yehudi Blacher as Council's Municipal Monitor for a period of six months commencing on Monday 20 December 2021.

Under the Terms of Reference of Appointment, the Municipal Monitor is is required to advise and provide assistance and support to the Council in relation to the improvement of the Council’s governance processes and practices, with specific regard to the following matters –

  • the Council’s meeting procedures and decision making, including Councillor attendance at Council briefings, the adequacy of the Council’s Governance Rules and Councillor adherence to the Governance Rules;
  • the Council’s policies and processes related to the appointment of the Chief Executive Officer;
  • the Councillors’ understanding and performance of their statutory roles and responsibilities, including the adequacy of the Council’s Councillor induction training program and any ongoing professional development opportunities;
  • the Council’s Councillor Code of Conduct, Councillor behaviour with respect to the Councillor Code of Conduct and processes for resolving disputes between Councillors;
  • the Chief Executive Officer’s policies and practices that manage the interactions between Councillors and Council staff and contractors, and compliance with those policies and practices; and
  • any other Council governance policies, processes and practices.

Further, the monitor is required to monitor the governance processes and practices of the Council, with specific regard to the matters raised above.

In his final report to the Minister for Local Government, the monitor will report on any steps or actions taken by the Council to improve its governance and the effectiveness of those steps or actions; and any recommendations in relation to the exercise of any Ministerial power under the Act.

Download the Municipal Monitor Instrument of Appointment