Councillor Mike McEvoy

 Councillor Mike McEvoy

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Cr Mike McEvoy can be contacted on 9205 5055 or 0428 449 193 or at

Cr Mike McEvoy was elected in October 2016 and is a representative of the Nicholls ward.

Having lived and worked in Fitzroy and North Fitzroy for 15 years and been heavily involved in community activities, Cr McEvoy has a deep connection to Yarra and is attuned to the needs and wants of the community. He is a strong advocate for arts and cultural sector and is committed to helping facilitate community action to address climate change and fighting for social and gender equity.

Background in Arts Management

As an Honours graduate from the Victorian College of the Arts and a practicing actor, theatre-maker and facilitator, Cr McEvoy brings an unique perspective and a collaborative, creative approach to Council matters.

He has a background in Arts Management and is involved in several small arts and non-profit organisations. Having worked extensively with community groups and corporate organisations, he knows that even small changes and decisions can have big impacts and is motivated to create positive outcomes for the area.

Fostering open communication

He loves that Yarra residents are some of the most politically and socially engaged in Australia and that Yarra is often a leader. He believes in fostering open communication between residents and Council, and creating an even more inclusive government that listens to all voices and stands up for matters that are important to the community.

Creating a sustainable future

Dedicated to creating a sustainable future, Mike’s key areas of focus include active transport infrastructure, waste minimisation, renewable energy, as well as supporting reconciliation, a more inclusive community, and a vibrant arts and culture landscape. Cr McEvoy is a member of the Greens.




  • Metropolitan (Local Government) Waste Management Forum - substitute
  • Northern Alliance for Greenhouse Action Group

For more information, call Yarra City Council on 9205 5555 or email