Councillor James Searle

Councillor James Searle 

Cr Searle was elected in October 2016 and is a representative of the Melba ward. 


Cr Searle can be contacted on 9205 5055 or 0427 121 310 or email

All three Melba ward councillors can be emailed at


Dedicated to local democracy and transparency

A proud Richmond resident, Cr Searle is dedicated to local democracy and transparency, and sees local government as the level of government closest to the people, best placed to implement direct changes to improve the lives of all members of the community.

Having sat on several not-for-profit management committees and boards, Cr Searle is experienced in governance, proper process and consultation. Cr Searle holds degrees in Business (Business Law) and Information Systems.

More accessible to residents and ratepayers

Cr Searle wants Council to be more accessible to residents and ratepayers and offer opportunities to be directly involved in the decision making process through participatory budgeting, citizen’s juries and deliberative democracy.

Vision for Yarra

Cr Searle’s vision for Yarra is for a city where people are connected with one another and to the Council, and for a city which promotes equality, fairness and inclusion. He supports energy efficiency, sustainable design principles and increased investment in renewable energy.

Cr Searle values heritage, the natural environment, open spaces, bike lanes and walking paths.

Currently working for a union, Cr Searle has a background in retail and hospitality, higher education, training and IT. Cr Searle is a member of the Victorian Greens.




  • Municipal Association of Victoria
  • Friends of Baucau (substitute)
  • Collingwood Children's Farm Management Committee

For more information, call us on 9205 5555 or email