Councillor Gabrielle de Vietri



Gabrielle de Vietri is the Mayor of the City of Yarra and a Langridge ward Councillor.

Before being elected to local government, Gabrielle worked in the arts, creating collaborative community projects for social change. She also worked as a paralegal at Refugee Legal; providing legal services to refugees and people seeking asylum.

Gabrielle has a long history of community activism and organising. She has been involved in the successful community mobilisation against the east-west toll road as well as organising events leading human rights and climate change activism.

In her role as Mayor and Councillor, Gabrielle is committed to working with the community to help shape a growing city in a way that better meets the needs of the people and the environment.

Gabrielle is passionate about supporting meaningful climate action, transitioning to a zero-carbon future and making sure that no-one is left behind. This term, she will work towards a number of initiatives, including:

  • a zero-carbon future
  • better active transport
  • housing for all
  • zero-waste to landfill
  • revitalising the local economy.


Cr de Vietri can be contacted on 9205 5055 or 0419 591 023 or email 

All three Langridge ward councillors can be emailed at