Councillor Danae Bosler

 Councillor Danae Bosler

Cr Bosler was elected in October 2016 and is a representative of the Langridge ward. She served as Yarra’s Mayor in 2018/19. 

Born in country New South Wales before moving to Yarra, Cr Bosler grew up with a passion for our natural environment and protecting it. A dedicated community activist, Cr Bosler has managed and volunteered on numerous grassroots climate action and public transport campaigns.


Cr Bosler can be contacted on 9205 5055 or 0419 782 247. You can also email

All three Langridge ward councillors can be emailed at

Vision for Yarra

Cr Bosler’s vision for Yarra is a sustainable, just and equitable community for all.

“Council is the lynch pin between our diverse community and all of the services local government has to offer – we must make sure that everyone who needs council services can access them,” said Cr Danae Bosler.

Sport and active living in Yarra

Cr Bosler is passionate about supporting sport and active living in Yarra for all ages. “Active living is important not just for physical and mental health of a community, but also for social inclusion. I’m committed to making sure our natural open spaces, sports fields and indoor courts are accessible for all.”

Cr Bosler is a member of the Australian Labor Party.

Professional background

Cr Bosler works in the trade union movement and is passionate about the rights of working people, both in Australia and abroad. She has completed a Bachelor of Arts (Major in Political Science), Postgraduate Diploma in International Community Development and Masters in Writing, Editing and Publishing from the Melbourne and Victoria Universities.




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