Council budget

Our 2020/21 budget, Strategic Resource Plan and Long-Term Financial Strategy were adopted a Council Meeting on Tuesday 4 August 2020.

In the midst of coronavirus (COVID-19), we’ve worked hard to develop a budget that continues to deliver the essential services our community needs, while also supporting you through the pandemic and into the recovery phase.

Thank you to everyone who shared their fantastic ideas and priorities with us during the first phase of community engagement in late-2019.

While COVID-19 has greatly shifted some of our priorities, your valued feedback has still shaped the budget. You'll also still see a range of significant improvements across Yarra this year.

Budget documents

You can download this year's budget documents here:

Highlights of the budget

The budget funds a range of projects, including:

  • $9.23 million to renew our footpaths and roads and keep pedestrians and motorists safe. 
  • $8.08 million to bring important community facilities up to modern and safe standards. This includes $2 million for the new Jack Dyer Pavilion at Citizens Park, Richmond.
  • $1.2 million for upgrades to Richmond Kindergarten.
  • $845,000 to reconstruct some of Yarra’s much-loved bluestone laneways.
  • $800,000 for a new 1.2 million litre rainwater storage tank at Edinburgh Gardens.
  • $620,000 for new library resources to educate and inspire residents of all ages.
  • $600,000 to complete the pavilion and public toilet redevelopment at Ryan’s Reserve.
  • $555,000 for improvements at Clifton Hill's Darling Gardens.
  • $500,000 to progress planning and design of the Brunswick Street Oval Precinct.
  • $135,000 towards a new small local park at Reid Street, North Fitzroy.

Budget breakdown

This year’s budget includes $197.36m in total operating expenditure.

  • Infrastructure and asset management – $21.1m (11% of the budget)
  • Waste and recycling – $20.1m (10% of the budget)
  • Strategic and statutory planning – $10.5m (5% of the budget)
  • Construction management – $2.7m (1% of the budget)
  • Customer service – $3.4m (2% of the budget)
  • Family, youth and children’s services – $18.8m (10% of the budget)
  • Aged and disability services – $6.6m (3% of the budget)
  • Library services – $5.9m (3% of the budget)
  • Leisure, arts, culture and venues – $14.6m (7% of the budget)
  • Parks and recreation – $8.8m (4% of the budget)
  • Compliance, parking and traffic – $21.7m (11% of the budget)
  • Strategic transport and sustainability – $3.8m (2% of the budget)
  • Advocacy, engagement and communications – $7.7m (4% of the budget)
  • Finance, performance, systems and people – $15.9m (8% of the budget)
  • Governance – $9.1m (5% of the budget)
  • Interest, depreciation, amortisation – $26.7m (14% of the budget).

    Past budgets

    If you have a question about our budget, feel free to ask us.

    Pricing Policy

    We have adopted a Pricing Policy to guide the setting of fees and charges for transactional services (user fees and charges) with transparency, consistency and equity.

    Social, economic and legal factors must all be taken into account when establishing prices for user fees and charges. These include consideration of our social policy objectives and steps to ensure accessibility and affordability for the community.

    The Pricing Policy sets out the objectives, principles and practical application of pricing methods that makes clear to the community the process by which user fees and charges are set.