Councillor Expenses

Mayoral and Councillor allowances

Yarra's Mayor and Councillors are not Council employees and do not receive a salary. They do receive an annual allowance which is determined independently of Council by the the Victorian Independent Remuneration Tribunal.

The level of these annual allowances (from 18 December 2021) are:

 Mayor  $ 119,316
 Deputy Mayor  $   59,658
 Councillors $   35,972

Mayoral and Councillor expenses

In addition to the payment of an allowance, the Local Government Act requires the Mayor and Councillors to be provided with appropriate tools and support to enable them to carry out their roles.

To properly represent their communities and carry out their significant legal responsibilities, Councillors often need to work long hours and travel. To assist Councillors in meeting their obligations, they are provided with general support such as mobile phones, computers, meals when they are attending meetings at meal times, and reimbursement of official travel costs and telephone bills.

The Mayor of Yarra is not provided with a car, but all Councillors are provided with a Myki card and access to Yarra City Council's bicycle and vehicle fleet.

Public Expense Reporting

Expenses incurred by Councillors are published on our website each quarter. You will find the complete reports available here.

More Information

Further information about the payment of Mayoral or Councillor allowances or the types of expenses allowed for can be found in the Councillor Support Policy.