Public Health Plan

Public Health and wellbeing Plan

The Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan (Health Plan) is the strategic document that identifies health and wellbeing priorities for the City of Yarra.


Council’s Health Plan for the 2017-2021 period was incorporated for the first time into the latest Council Plan.

The Council Plan includes a key objective of: Community health, safety and wellbeing are a focus in everything we do. The following strategies are included under this key objective:

  •  Maintain and enhance Yarra’s open space network to meet the diverse range of community uses. Promote a community that is inclusive, resilient, connected and enjoys strong mental and physical health and wellbeing.
  • Provide health promoting environments that encourage healthy eating and active living
  • Assist to reduce the harms from alcohol and drugs on individuals and the community in partnership with State Agencies and key service providers.
  • Promote environments that support safe and respectful sexual practices, reproductive choices
  • Promote a gender equitable, safe and respectful community
  • Promote an effective and compassionate approach to rough sleeping and advocate for affordable, appropriate housing
  • Provide opportunities for people to be involved in and connect with their community


Our most apparent roles in public health include maternal and child health services, environmental health officers, waste management, needle and syringe collection and grants to community-based health agencies. Local governments can help the community to achieve optimal health and wellbeing by creating and fostering the necessary social, economic and environmental conditions.


Yarra’s health and wellbeing initiatives are based on a framework called the Social Model Of Health, where (in tandem with biological and medical factors) improvements in health and wellbeing are achieved by addressing the social and environmental determinants of health including:

  • natural environment (air, water, vegetation and climate)
  • built environment (parks, street lighting, footpaths, cycling lanes and trails, recreation and community facilities)
  • economic environment (access to employment)
  • social environment (community participation and connectedness)


Health Status Report 2016

The Council Plan was informed by the Health and Wellbeing Status Report which includes data for a range of Health and Wellbeing related indicators.


The data examined throughout this report highlights that while Yarra’s health and wellbeing is generally good at the population level, there are key issues impacting on the health and wellbeing of the community. There are also parts of the population that are vulnerable to poorer health and wellbeing outcomes. 

Key health and wellbeing issues have been identified in the areas of:

  • healthy eating and active living
  • alcohol, tobacco and other drugs
  • mental health
  • community safety
  • sexual and reproductive health
  • health and wellbeing through the life stages (early childhood and older age as key service areas for us, and given the significant opportunities to influence future health and wellbeing outcomes for adults during early childhood development). 


The report also identifies the following key population groups who are vulnerable to poorer health and wellbeing outcomes:


  • people living in long term disadvantage
  • people from diverse cultural backgrounds
  • people aged 0 to 17 years (there are also significant opportunities to influence adult health and wellbeing outcomes for this age group)
  • people aged over 65 years
  • people living with disability
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
  • People who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex or queer (LGBTIQ)
  • People experiencing or at risk of homelessness
  • People who suffer from an addiction (for example drug or gambling)
  • People working in the sex industry 


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