Council elections

2020 Election

The next Council election day is 24 October 2020. Information about the election itself, including candidates, eligibility to vote and the redirection of ballot papers can be found at the Victorian Electoral Commission website

Caretaker arrangements

In the lead up to the Council election, Council will move into 'caretaker mode' during the period from midday on Tuesday 22 September 2020 to 6pm on Saturday 24 October. During this period, all of Council's facilities and services will operate as normal, but there will be some changes to the way the administration operates. The main changes are:

  • Council will not publish or distribute any electoral material
  • Infomation about Councillors on our website will be limited
  • Council will only conduct routine community consultation
  • Public Question Time at Council meetings will be suspended
  • Council will not make any significant decisions

In addition, Councillors will not be permitted to use Council resources in a way that supports an election campaign (this is a permanent limitation, not just while the Council is in caretaker mode).

Further information about these arrangements can be found in Council's Governance Rules (including the Election Period Policy).

Previous Elections

2019 Countback

Following the resignation of former Councillor Mike McEvoy, a countback of the 2016 ballots was conducted and Cr Bridgid O'Brien was elected for the remainder of the term. Detailed results of the 2019 countback are published by the Victorian Electoral Commission.

2016 Election 

Nine Councillors were elected at the 2016 election, with three Councillors representing each of Yarra’s three wards until October 2020. Detailed results of the 2016 election are published by the Victorian Electoral Commission

Election publications

The following documents are available for download.