About Internal Development Approvals Committee (IDAC) Meetings

All Councillors are members of the Internal Development Approvals Committee, with three Councillors making up each meeting on a rotational basis. IDAC has the authority to make decisions on applications for planning permits that are referred to it by Council Officers.

Major developments are sometimes considered at regular council meetings rather than at Internal Development Approvals Committee. 

When are the IDAC meetings?

We generally hold two IDAC meetings each month from February to December.

Who can attend IDAC meetings? 

Anyone is free to attend IDAC meetings to witness proceedings, but only parties to proceedings (applicants, objectors) will be invited to make submissions.

What happens at the Internal Development Approvals Committee meetings? 

If you are an objector, you will be provided with five minutes to address the Committee to raise any matters you feel should be considered in reaching a decision and to present any alternatives or permit conditions you feel should be applied to a prospective permit. Councillors may ask you questions about your objection and seek to better understand how the proposal will affect you.

How do I know what the Committee will be considering at the meeting?

As soon as it is available, an IDAC Meeting Agenda (which includes full reports, and a series of separate attachments) will be published in our events calendar for the particular meeting. This usually happens by 5.00pm on the Friday before the meeting, although it usually happens earlier in the week.

How do I find out what happened at the meeting?

Once the meeting is complete, the IDAC Meeting Minutes (which are the official record of the meeting) are published here. These documents are usually made available within a week of the meeting.