Heritage Advisory Committee

The role of the Heritage Advisory Committee is to:

  • provide advice to us on strategic heritage matters
  • support promotion of local heritage
  • raise awareness about heritage issues
  • present the views of residents, groups and professionals with an interest in heritage matters to Yarra City Council, and
  • contribute to the preparation of a revised Heritage Strategy to be prepared in 2018/2019.

Who is on the Heritage Advisory Committee?

The committee is comprised of Yarra residents with an interest in heritage, heritage professionals and councillors.

Members are appointed for a period of four years and councillors are appointed on an annual basis. 

Councillor representatives are Cr Danae Bosler, Cr Jackie Fristacky and Cr James Searle.

When are the upcoming meetings?

A list of upcoming meetings will be available after the first meeting of the new Heritage Advisory Committee on Thursday 26 July. You can view the Agenda for the meeting on Thursday 26 July. 

How are the views of the Heritage Advisory Committee reported to council?

A report outlining the main topics discussed is prepared after each meeting and presented at the next council meeting. 

Terms of reference

You can view and download the Heritage Advisory Committee terms of reference.

Previous minutes and agendas

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16 May 2018 Agenda  Minutes 

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