Library Advisory Committee

The Yarra Libraries Advisory Group provides advice on issues relating to public library services across the City of Yarra.

What does the committee do?

The Yarra Libraries Advisory Committee:

  • contributes the views of library users regarding the Library Service’s role in meeting community needs
  • contributes at an early stage, to review of services which will impact on library users
  • contributes ideas and suggestions for the improvement and enhancement of Library Services in the City of Yarra
  • provides a response from a user perspective to Library Service statistical reports and assessments of performance
  • provides effective and timely advice by library users and community representatives into library policy, service planning and development
  • promotes consultation and representation of community views in library policy, service planning and development
  • provides an additional avenue for dissemination of information about the library service
  • proposes and participates in relevant working parties, forums and workshops on library issues

Who are the committee members?

The following Councillors were appointed to the committee in November 2021 for a one year term:

In addition to the appointed Councillors, the membership includes 10 library users who live, work or study in the City of Yarra.

Terms of reference

You can download and read the Yarra Libraries Advisory Committee terms of reference