Early Years Reference Group

The Early Years Reference Group facilitates networking and dialogue among those promoting and advocating for the needs and aspirations of children and their families in Yarra with a particular focus on vulnerable and disadvantaged children and families.

What does the committee do?

The Early Years Reference Group:

  • provides an opportunity for high-level consultation engagement and advice for Yarra organisations with an interest in family and children’s services.
  • supports Council in the development of a policy framework for the planning, development and delivery of family and children’s services.
  • contributes to the evidence base and service planning process for future service provision by Council and other providers to 2030.
  • shares information and advice on potential planning and service delivery issues, with a view to predicting and resolving issues.

Who are the committee members?

The following Councillor was appointed to the committee in November 2020 for a one year term:

In addition to the appointed Councillor, the committee has an open membership and welcomes participation from representatives of the following organisations:

  • public housing tenants associations in Yarra
  • community and private child care operators in Yarra
  • charitable and benevolent organisations delivering support to Yarra’s families and children
  • umbrella bodies representing organisations with a focus on the delivery of family and children’s services (such as Community Child Care Association Victoria)
  • North and West Metropolitan Region, Department of Human Services

Terms of reference

You can download and read the Early Years Reference Group terms of reference