Fitzroy Adventure Playground Grant

The Fitzroy Adventure Playground is cherished by our local families, including many living in the nearby Atherton Gardens housing estate.

That’s why we are inviting not-for-profit groups to apply for a newly created grant to operate this much-loved service.

The successful organisation may receive up to $150,000 per year from Council to manage the playground for up to 3 years.

If you are interested in applying for the grant, we invite you to review the grant information on our SmartyGrants page, and the grant guidelines.

Please contact Lisa Wilkins, Coordinator Service Planning and Development, on 9205 5472 or at if you are planning to apply.

Applications must be lodged by 11.59pm, Wednesday 29 May 2019.

Why is Council funding the service with a grant?

A competitive grants process will help us choose the best provider, one that offers a high quality service at great value for the community.

Is Council offering a grant because of issues with the current provider?

Our decision to offer a grant is based solely on our commitment to running a fair and open process to achieve a great outcome for the Yarra community.

Will families have to pay to use the service in the future?

No.  The grant guidelines specify that the playground must be free and open to school aged children during the core hours (after school). 

How will Council decide who gets funded?

A Grant Assessment Panel will be established with two local service representatives and a senior Council officer to assess applications and make a recommendation to Council, who will make the final decision.

Why does Council refer to the ‘Fitzroy Adventure Playground’?  Why not just say ‘Cubbies’?

Cubbies is a specific program. If there is a change of provider for the Fitzroy Adventure Playground, there may be a different name and/or a different mix of activities.