Fitzroy Adventure Playground Grant

The Fitzroy Adventure Playground is cherished by our local families, including many living in the nearby Atherton Gardens housing estate.

The playground is currently being managed by Save the Children whose three-year grant agreement will expire in 2022.  

Why is Council funding the service with a grant?

A competitive grants process will help us choose the best provider, one that offers a high quality service at great value for the community.

Will families have to pay to use the service in the future?

No.  The grant guidelines specify that the playground must be free and open to school aged children during the core hours (after school). 

Why does Council refer to the ‘Fitzroy Adventure Playground’?  Why not just say ‘Cubbies’?

Cubbies is a specific program. If there is a change of provider for the Fitzroy Adventure Playground, there may be a different name and/or a different mix of activities.