Questions 6 May 2016

Question at Council meeting 6 May

Regarding the new pedestrian lights at Bosisto St / Bridge Road and the pending Pelaco site development, what communication has there been between the construction company and council to ensure traffic flows?


Bosisto Street tram stop, Bridge Rd, Richmond

Pelaco site

  • Yarra Council’s Construction Management office staff met with the Pelaco site development team this week. 
  • The builder has submitted their Construction Management Plan, which is currently being assessed by Council, with construction vehicle circulation a key focus.
  • The builder has proposed that they will not use Waltham St and that the majority of their vehicle access and egress to their site will be via Bridge Rd and Peluso Place. Council officers will assess if this access is suitable and not detrimental to existing businesses and residents. Once officers are satisfied that this route is appropriate, the traffic plans will be endorsed as part of the Construction Management Plan.
  • All remaining vehicles will access and egress the site via Lennox Street and Goodwood St.
  • The consistency of the Construction Management Plan to the planning permit is also being checked by Council.

Pedestrian lights at Bosisto Street

  • The Bosisto pedestrian lights should be operational in later May.
  • These signals will maintain the existing left and right turn movements into and out of Bosisto and Waltham Streets BUT when the pedestrian phase is operating cars will be banned from turning left over the pedestrian crossing
  • The signal controller box is ready – there is some logistics to sort for the actual ‘turn on’ date. Apparently, once power is connected, the controller will be wired in and the site will become available.


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