Questions 20 December 2016

Question taken on notice at the Ordinary Council Meeting of Tuesday 20 December 2016 

7.4 Mr John Hayhoe - MFB Guidelines re Queens Parade Development


Have Council officers been in communication with the other Council’s and discussed Moreland Rights of Way Strategy 2011-2021, Banyule Rights of Way Strategy 2014-2024, Banyule Rights of Way Policy, Whitehorse Statutory Planning Notes and the City of Port Phillip Statutory Planning Notes and their relationship to planning applications?

Can Council provide a response to the question I raised at the last meeting on Council’s potential liability should they ignore the MFB guidelines and a tragedy were unfortunately were to occur?

Response by Director Planning and Place Making

Further to my verbal responses in the past two Council meetings, a further report will be provided to the Council in February on the aspects that have been raised over the past few months – the report to February will respond to the resolution of the Council from October specifically and also have regard to the questions you raise in your questions.

I will have my office further enquire with the Councils you mention as part of this further research.

Supplementary Question by Cr Coleman:

Has an officer determination been made with regard to the planning application for the rear of 26-56 Queens Parade?

Response to Supplementary Question by Director Planning and Place Making:

The planning office has advised that the application went to a consultation meeting in November, and has not yet been determined.

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