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Family walking in a parkCouncil is expected to adopt the Proposed Budget 2015/16 - with or without changes - at the Ordinary Council Meeting to be held at 7pm on Tuesday 23 June 2015 at the Richmond Town Hall.

Investment in community infrastructure forms the centrepiece of the proposed budget, with significant funds allocated to North Fitzroy Community Hub and the Yarra Community Youth Centre. Another highlight is the further expansion and refinement of Yarra’s open space network. The Proposed Budget will deliver more than 100 local programs and services that are vital to quality of life for our inner city community.

Read the Proposed Budget here:

pdf format 2015-16 Proposed Budget Council (3.12 MB)

Council’s Proposed Budget at a glance:

  • $158.7 million total operating expenditure budget;
  • $40.5 million capital works program (including $6.4 million in carried forward projects);
  • $0.9 million in new initiatives;
  • $1.9 million for community grants;
  • 4.5% increase in general rates; and
  • 6.25% increase in the rate rebate for pensioners (from $160 to $170 per annum).

Highlights of the capital works program include:

  • $8.3 million for construction work on the North Fitzroy Community Hub, which will feature a new library, maternal and child health centre, and spaces for multicultural groups and community meetings;
  • $642,000 redevelopment of the Yarra Community Youth Centre into a designated hub that responds to the identified needs and aspirations of young people and their families in Yarra;
  • $485,000 for a ramp and path linking Coulson Reserve to the Merri Creek path, removing a steep slope from the path and reducing traffic on two low-lying bridges frequently inundated during heavy rain;
  • $350,000 to improve customer service and management of Yarra Libraries through stage two implementation of Remote Frequency Identification Data (RFID) and self-checking technology; and
  • $275,000 to improve access to open space by making improvements to Yarra Primary School’s facilities, which will then be made available to the public outside of school hours under a Joint Use Agreement with the Department of Education.

New initiatives include:

  • $200,000 to to manage special activity occasions such as New Year’s Eve and Australia Day in public parks and reserves;
  • $170,000 to create a draft local planning policy in close consultation with the community for incorporation into the Yarra Planning Scheme; and
  • $70,000 for the Communities that Care program, which builds capacity within communities to improve the healthy development of children and young people.

Factors impacting the budget: 

Once again this year, there are a number of mandatory State Government charges. Among these is the Fire Services Property Levy which all Victorian Councils have been directed by the State Government to collect. Although appearing on rates notices, this is not a Council charge for Council services, but a State levy.

Another impact on Council’s budget (which affects all Victorian councils) is the defined benefit superannuation liability (a scheme which pre-dated amalgamation). Council opted to fund this liability and also fund the purchase of 345 Bridge Road, acquisition of the Connie Benn Centre operations and the energy performance contract under the Local Government Funding Vehicle (LGFV) which requires funds to be set aside for repayment over seven years.

Hardcopies of the budget are available for inspection at Richmond Town Hall (333 Bridge Road, Richmond), Collingwood Town Hall (140 Hoddle Street, Abbotsford) and all Yarra Libraries branches.

Information sessions:

Council officers were on hand to answer questions and listen to your feedback about the budget at the following information sessions:

  • Thursday 30 April, 5.30pm–6.30pm at Richmond Town Hall
  • Wednesday 6 May, 12pm–1pm at Fitzroy Town Hall

Council considered written submissions received by 5pm on Wednesday 13 May 2015, as well as verbal submissions in support of those written submissions, at a Special Council Meeting held at 6.30pm on Wednesday 20 May 2015 at Fitzroy Town Hall.

Council is expected to adopt the Proposed Budget – with or without changes – at the Ordinary Council Meeting to be held at 7pm on Tuesday 23 June 2015 at Richmond Town Hall.

Previous Council Budgets

Download budgets from previous years:

pdf format Adopted Budget 2014/15 (3.09 MB) 
pdf format Revised Budget 2013-14 (139.03 KB)
docx format Adopted Budget 2013/14 (1.17 MB)
docx format Council Budget 2012/2013.docx (1.06 MB)
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Manager - Finance
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