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Yarra Council on social media

Yarra communicates regularly on social media to keep our community up to date on local issues, Council services and upcoming events.

Council has three Facebook pages:

Council has a Twitter feed that covers general Council matters, as well as separate Twitter feeds for our libraries and leisure centres.




  • Yarra Youth Services


Will Council respond to me on social media?

Council will endeavour to respond to all enquiries as soon as possible, however formal requests for Council services, such as parking permits and hard rubbish collection, should be directed to Council by:

Phone: 9205 5555
Post: PO Box 168, Richmond 3121                    

User guidelines

We want our social media pages to be respectful and safe places for our community to share their opinions, so please remember to be polite when posting a comment.

In the interests of maintaining an open forum, we would prefer not to delete comments. However, we will delete comments that:

  • contain abusive, demeaning or inappropriate language or remarks that are discriminatory based on race, sex, gender identity, sexuality, religion, age or ability
  • are spam or a direct advertisement for a business or product
  • break the law (including violation of copyright laws) or encourage others to do so
  • incite violence
  • invade an individual’s privacy or identify people in a defamatory, abusive or negative manner (including Yarra Council employees, contractors, volunteers and members of the community)
  • encourage the use of alcohol, tobacco or illegal drugs
  • harass or bully
  • are trolling or intend to deliberately disrupt a conversation
  • are false, misleading or deceptive
  • are generally not suited for an audience of all ages.

People who repeatedly breach these guidelines will be blocked. If the breach is considered to be serious, Council may choose to block users immediately.

Comments posted by others do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Council.

The social media we use also have their own user guidelines and we recommend you are familiar with these:


Protecting our community’s privacy is important to us. Council will not post information that identifies people or reveals confidential information about Council employees or members of the public.

Please remember to seek permission before posting or tagging videos or photos of others. We will delete any material where it is brought to our attention that permission has not been sought.

As a government body, we’re required to keep records of our activity on social media, but we will not store your personal details for the purposes of contacting you in relation to any other Council matter. Read our Privacy Policy

Comments made on social media can be viewed and searched by any member of the public. If you wish to contact Council about a private matter, please contact Council via phone, email or post.


Further information:
Cameron Gray
Communications Coordinator – Digital and Brand
9205 5555

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