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Burnley Golf Course - 8th green bunkerBurnley Golf Course is not the sort of golf course to take lightly.  Although it may look like a short little 9 hole city golf course lacking pure length, it’s new championship greens will test the very best of golfers. Come and test your game at Burnley Golf Course.

Read on and discover some secrets to shooting your best ever score for 9 holes.

1st Par 4
Men 284m / Women 268m

A nice looking starting hole if you can get passed the fact that you’re on the 1st tee at a Public Golf Course in Melbourne and everyone is looking at you! Forget about that and concentrate on your target which should be the big phone tower in the distance.  This will help your shot land on the right hand side of the fairway for a better look at the green (and to avoid playing your second shot from behind a high fence).  Either blast your driver for a short pitch and a birdie chance or lay up with a 4 or 5 iron for an easy 9 iron or wedge.  A large undulating green awaits your 2nd shot with plenty of lovely couch surrounding the green if you miss it. Just don’t go long, it’s not much fun back there.

2nd Par 4
Men 255m / Women 253m

Decisions… decisions…do you pull out driver and run the risk of scaring the living daylights out of commuters of the 9.48am Melbourne bound train or lay-up with your 5 iron for a lazy par?  Either way, aim down the left hand side to allow for the left to right slope.  Try and avoid the pine trees lacing the right hand edge of the fairway.  A nice drive will set up a half wedge to a difficult narrow two-tiered green.  Don’t get sucked in to going for a flagstick on the left hand side of the green, an ugly bounce and you’ll probably end up in the left hand side bushes!

Note: Make sure of your yardage into the green because looks can be deceiving.  

3rd Par 4
Men 323m / Women 315m

Finally, a hole where you can “let the big dog eat!”  Pull out your driver and lash out down this nicely shaped par 4.  A strong drive right down the middle will set up a mid to short iron to the green.  A prevailing head wind from the city end makes it difficult to stiff one close. Anything left will catch the left trap, not much of an issue with a relatively small lip. A large green with some tricky hidden borrow, so watch your mates putts and read it carefully.

4th Par 4
Men 313m / Women 305m

An appealing hole off the tee, this fairway sets up well for a player with a little draw. Set your tee shot from the right hand side of the tee to keep you away from the big gum on the left. A good drive will have you approaching the green from the left hand side of the fairway.  Anywhere on the right hand side of the fairway will mean you’ll need to hit it over the ridiculously big gum tree right of the green.

Don’t go long and stay away from the pot bunker; it’s a pretty difficult up and down from here unless you think you are god’s gift to golf with a lob wedge in your hand.

5th Par 4
Men 288m / Women 280m

Grip it and rip it!  Set up on the right hand side of the tee here to encourage a nice draw down this fairway.  There is loads of room to the right so don’t be afraid to have a go.  Big gorillas can try and cut the corner to get a little closer, but if you hit the tree, don’t expect a good lie or an easy shot. From the fairway, your second shot to this new huge green may be a little difficult into a head wind but a large opening at the front means it’s still a great birdie opportunity.  If you hit it left or right of the green, your ball will most likely get cobbled up by some very large bunkers. A good chance to impress your mates with an impressive up and down from the trap.

6th Par 3
Men 117m / Women 114m

This hole might not look like much, but a missed que or wrong club selection will put you over the green, down the slope, over the bike track, through the freeway and into the river! Take note of wind direction because prevailing winds will be a stiff southerly giving you a tough head wind or a cracking northerly with a difficult to judge tail wind.  A good tip here is to aim for a window or a chimney on the house that’s on the hill in the distance.  Imagine your ball sailing on line to your destination…

7th Par 3
Men 150m / Women 148m

Ah the joys of golf! How good does this hole look off the tee! The seventh is a great par three, especially with a head wind that could mean a 5 or 6 iron off the tee to a back pin position.  Everything about this hole falls left but be careful not to aim too far right. Getting stuck in the wiry long rough is an almost impossible up and down regardless of where the flag is. The bunker left is a pretty good challenge and most shots from here will be to an uphill pin. The danger on the hole is definitely a downhill putt – a three or four putt later and you’ll be wanting to throw your putter at a passing cyclist!

8th Par 4
Men 225m / Women 223m

Our newest green, this hole is a great challenge.  Although it’s a short par 4 in length, this visually appealing 8th hole forces you to thread your way between two left hand side bunkers, a huge big old gum and a new bunker on the right. Hit the tree with your drive and you’ll probably be stuck behind this impressive tree trunk with not a lot of options. The more experienced player will fade a little drive over the trap for a softer landing into the green.  Have a good look at the swales on this green walking up to it and you might just save yourself a shot or two.

9th Par 3
Men 182m / Women 174m

The last chapter at Burnley is our toughest hole.  Three bunkers guard this hole and you’ll need your best long iron or hybrid for the day to get you on this green. All good players are quite happy to walk away with a par!  A ball short of the green is your best chance of an up and down with an uphill chip to most parts of the green. Don’t go long, you’ll be lucky to find your ball in the garden bed. And don’t three putt

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