Domestic Animal Management Plan

Animal-registrationHere is the  docx format Domestic Animal Management Plan 2013-17 (245.63 KB)

The plan outlines the strategies, services and programs undertaken by Council to promote responsible pet ownership and address animal management issues in Yarra.

Issues covered in the DAMP include: 

  • Micro-chipping and compulsory de-sexing of cats
  • Responding to issues raised by the community, such as barking dogs and wandering cats and dogs
  • Rules for residents keeping other types of pets such as reptiles, poultry, mice and rabbits  
  • Minimising the risk of dog attacks on people and other animals
  • Identifying all dangerous, menacing and restricted breed dogs. 

Council is required to prepare a DAMP under Section 68A of the Domestic Animals Act. The draft plan was developed using specific guidelines set by the Department of Environment and Primary Industries.

It was drafted following a review of recent policies and plans, workshops with authorised officers, and a review of statistics relating to pet registrations, service requests, permits and impoundments.

What is a Domestic Animal Management Plan?

The State Government requires all Victorian Councils to complete a Domestic Animal Management Plan every four years. 
These Plans are currently up for renewal. The State Government have changed the requirements for all Plans for this renewal, and has stipulated that they must be limited to how Councils are resourced and trained to enforce the Domestic Animals Act 1994 and its associated Regulations. 
While the draft plan above also refers to matters not contained in the Domestic Animals Act, it does not regulate how these other matters are managed.  These other matters, which include nuisance animal complaints, feral cat trapping programs, management of the after-hours service with the Lost Dogs’ Home and others, are regulated by the City of Yarra's local laws and associated policies and procedures.

The Domestic Animal Management Plan is one tool used by Council to encourage responsible pet ownership, promote pet related education, and advise residents and pet owners of their rights and responsibilities under the guiding legislation.  This is an important document both for Council's Animal Management Team and for residents and pet owners who either live in or utilise the City of Yarra resources with their pets.


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