Cat traps

Council provides a cat trapping service for residents and business owners who have concerns about feral or nuisance cats on their properties.


If a cat is trapped and we identify the owner, we may serve a Notice of Objection that will identify the property where the cat was trapped.

Trapped cats are collected by Council authorized officers and impounded at The Lost Dogs’ Home.

The traps catch cats humanely and are the same type as those used by animal welfare agencies such as the RSPCA and The Lost Dogs’ Home.

If cats are registered and/or microchipped, they are reunited with their owners.

The Lost Dogs’ Home holds unidentified cats for eight days, after which time they are assessed for adoption.

Cat traps can be collected from Richmond Town Hall after making an appointment with an Animal  Management Officer.

At the appointment the Officer will go through how the trap works and the terms and conditions of trapping.

If the trap is damaged or lost a repair/replacement fee will apply.

Proof of identity is required, ie Drivers Licence, Passport, etc.

Further information
Compliance Branch
9205 5166

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