A chicken at the Collingwood childrenAs a source of natural compost and organic eggs, chickens are fast becoming a popular choice of pet among Yarra residents.

Residents with backyards can have up to five poultry birds, provided they are kept in an appropriate enclosure.

No poultry birds are permitted in flats or units.

People who keep poultry in their backyards are required to ensure that the animals have easy access to food and water, and can move freely around the enclosure.

Care should also be taken to protect the animals from the weather and from disease and injury.  

The RSPCA has some great tips on how you can care for the welfare of your chickens – please click here to learn some tips from the RSPCA on keeping chickens.

It is the owner's responsibility to ensure their pets do not disrupt the amenity of the neighbourhood.

In order to limit disturbance, Council requires that poultry enclosures:  

  • are not housed within the front setback to the street or the side setback to a side street (excluding a lane)
  • are not within a distance of two (2) metres from the boundary of any adjoining land in separate ownership or occupation
  • are not within three (3) metres from any dwelling on any adjoining land in separate ownership or occupation.

Further information
Local Laws and Animal Management - Compliance Branch
9205 5166

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