Animal welfare & management

Cat-the-kidCouncil encourages everyone to be responsible pet owners.

This involves registering, microchipping and vaccinating your dog or cat, de-sexing your cat, having good control of your pet in public, and obeying dog on-leash and off-leash areas.

For information about responsible pet ownership call 9205 5555 or visit Council's page on responsible pet ownership

Concerns about Animal Welfare

Council encourages people to report any concerns they have of animals on a property without adequate water, shelter, food or veterinary treatment to the RSPCA on 9224 2222 or

Concerns about pets left in hot cars 

If you find a pet left in a hot car, please call the Victorian Police on 000. The Police are equipped to dispatch officers quickly from the nearest police station which is critical under these circumstances.


If you are a pet or animal owner, then you may be interested in a free service that can connect pet owners with material aid and shelter for their animals in an emergency.

The ‘Walking Forward Disaster Relief Team’ has a database where you can register to help or be helped with regards to animals. Some of the things that the register looks after:

  • Provides a list of hosts that can house your pet in an emergency
  • Provides a ‘lost and found’ section for missing animals
  • Connects donations with those who need it (things like bowls, feed, blankets etc.)

The ‘Walking Forward Disaster Relief Team’ is partnered with the CFA, as well as Council and emergency response agencies throughout Victoria.

To register to give or request help, please go to:

Concerns about Restricted Breed or Dangerous Dogs

Council encourages people to report any concerns they have that a local dog is of a restricted breed, whether by contacting a new State Government hotline or by calling us directly.   People can make a report by calling the new hotline on 1300 101 080, between 8am-6pm daily. The information received will be forwarded on to the relevant Council which will investigate the report. The hotline should not be used in an emergency. If people are in immediate danger they should phone 000.  If you would like to report any concerns about local dogs to Council directly, please contact us on 9205 5166 or 9205 5555 (after hours).  Here is more information on Restricted Breed and Dangerous Dogs.  

Neighbours, the law and you

Produced by the Victoria Law Foundation, this free guide covers how to deal with everyday problems with neighbours, from barking dogs and noise to fences and trees. It answers legal questions about noise control, building a fence and pollution in your neighbourhood. It also directs you to legal help and legal advice.  



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