GLBITQ Story Book Project

TellingTreeLogoSharing stories of young people’s sexuality and gender

Yarra Youth Services led an innovative project inviting young people aged 12 to 25 who live or work in Yarra to share their experiences and stories regarding sexuality and gender in an illustrated story book. This illustrated book has been published and distributed to schools, venues and the community in the City of Yarra.

You can download a copy of the Telling Tree Story Book below. The Telling Tree Story Book celebrates the stories and artworks of local young people about gender and sexuality.

Presented by Yarra Youth Services, The Drum, Minus18 and The Ownership Project, we hope that the stories shared will be a moment in time, from which more stories may grow, evolve and lead to other tales of greener pastures.

pdf format The Telling Tree Book (9.56 MB)



Further information
Gabrielle Nolan 
Yarra Youth Services
9426 1455   

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