Yarra Triathlon Program Survey

The Yarra Triathlon Program Survey was conducted between 1 April and 2 May 2016. We would like to thank all participants who took part in this survey.

Yarra Leisure is committed to continued improvement of the facilities, programs and services that we provide by using the key findings to help shape this program's strategic plan and vision moving forward.

A snapshot of the results

Centre most often visited
  • Fitzroy Swimming Pool - 66%
  • Richmond Recreation Centre - 27%
  • Collingwood Leisure Centre - 5%
  • Off site locations - 2%
Top 3 regularly attended sessions
  • Saturday morning Swim Squad at Fitzroy - 40%
  • Monday morning Swim Squad at Fitzroy - 33%
  • Wednesday morning Swim Squad at Fitzroy - 32%
Your goals and motivation for attending Yarra Triathlon sessions
  • General fitness and recreation - 28%
  • Accessing coaching for improvement in a discipline - 21%
  • Training for open water swimming - 16%
  • Training for masters swimming - 11%
  • Training for sprint triathlon - 11%
  • Training for Ironman or Ironwoman - 8%
The positives
  • 90% of participants are happy with the overall program quality
  • 95% said that in each discipline the coaching team have great technical knowledge
  • 85% of participants are satisfied with the ability of the program to cater for varying abilities
  • Two out of three participants visit the facilities three or more times per week
  • 94% of participants agree that coaches communicate well with participants
  • 88% of participants are satisfied with the session length
The areas for improvement
  • Improving service delivery staff product knowledge, customer service and communication to members regarding changes and program news
  • Investigating ways to increase individual feedback and create opportunities for the coaches and participants to communicate their goals and motivations
  • Providing participants with programs and services that are in demand and offer value for money
  • On boarding new participants with more information on services and how to maximise access of the program, particularly off site sessions
  • Facility standard and cleanliness of the facilities, particularly the change rooms at Richmond and Fitzroy locations
  • Continued assessment of lane allocation and coach management for Swim Squad sessions, including number and location of lanes

See below for an infographic snapshot of the results of the Yarra Triathlon Program survey.

pdf format Yarra Triathlon Program Survey 2016 - infographic (121.57 KB) 

Want the full report?

See below for a comprehensive report of the results from the Yarra Triathlon Program survery conducted in April 2016.

pdf format Yarra Triathlon Program Survey 2016 - Report (85.11 KB)

Further information
Josie Pennicott
Aquatic Programs Coordinator
9205 5522

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