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Solo and Paired swimming lessons

Yarra Leisure is very excited to offer Solo and Paired Swimming lessons. These are designed to give students of all ages the opportunity to get personalised, one-on-one and two-on-one instruction to enhance their water safety, aquatic and stroke skills and endurance. The individualised nature of these lessons allows the student, parent/carer and instructor to commit to a goal together. Goals will vary depending on the individual, from focused instruction of the learn to swim curriculum to coaching in the competitive stroke space. Following a goal setting activity the instructor is then able to design tailored sessions to suit the specific needs and learning style of the student. Instructors can also provide students with drills and coursework in order to practice their skills outside of the lesson time.

The structure and timing of the lessons is similar to our mainstream learn to swim program. Students commit to a 30 minute lesson time for the duration of the term. Solo Lessons are $50 per lesson and Paired lessons are $90 per lesson. Enrolment is on an upfront term basis. Lesson days/times are subject to availability and can be either morning or evening lessons.

Students are also entitled to:

  • Two make up lessons per term (time and instructor subject to availability)
  • Fifty per cent off Holiday Intensive Program

In addition to this we know that sometimes it is difficult to commit to the same time each week, particularly for adults. For this reason there is also a Flexi Solo offering, for $63.90 a student can book with an instructor or coach in a one off capacity. Every 5th session receives a 50% discount!

If you are interested in enrolling into Solo or Paired swimming lessons please complete the availability form linked below.

Solo and Paired lessons availability form

Adult Lessons

It is never too late to learn to swim. Classes are structured to suit the individual needs of the student in a supportive friendly environment.

Beginner – for those with little or no experience in the water who want to gain confidence and learn basic swimming and survival skills, to build up to 10m distance.

Intermediate – for those who have a basic knowledge of swimming strokes but wish to further develop their skills, building up to 50m distance

Stroke Improvement – for confident swimmers wishing to improve their technique. Stroke Improvement short courses are offered on a regular basis through the Yarra Triathlon program.

Access All Abilities Program

The Yarra Leisure Access for All Abilities (AAA) Program is designed for children with special needs.  Students are nurtured in a fun class environment, while developing water familiarisation, stroke technique and water safety skills appropriate to their ability. One-on-one and group lessons can be arranged.

Community Programs

Women Making Waves - A women’s only swimming program encouraging women of all ages, cultures and abilities to attend and participate in learn to swim lessons and general aquatic activities. Held in a culturally sensitive and male free environment, the program is offered on Saturday evenings at Collingwood Leisure Centre between 6.30pm – 8.30pm.

African Children’s Swimming Program – The African Children’s Swimming Program offers children between the ages of 4-12 years old the opportunity to learn vital swimming and water safety skills. This program targets newly arrived and refugee immigrants to Australia from Africa.

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