Collingwood heating ventilation aircon system replacement

Collingwood Leisure Centre is set to undergo works to replace its heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system. Works are scheduled to occur through mid-May up until the end of June. The works will occur on the dry side of the centre only, meaning the aquatic areas will not be affected.

During the works, there will be dates where the HVAC system is disconnected to certain rooms. This means that there may be some times in some areas that you may notice some difference in usual conditions and/or your comfort levels. Access to the rooms will be partly restricted in order for the necessary internal works to occur. Disruptions will be minimised as much as possible, and any changes to the program will be communicated via further updates.


The major works which affect customers will occur from Friday 19 May until Monday 29 May. All rooms affected will still be open to the public; however there will be a reduced amount of equipment available at the time the works take place.

  • There will be interruptions to the northern area of the cardio room on Monday 22 May, meaning that there will be no access to lockers in the cardio room during the times that the works occur.

  • There will be interruptions to the southern area of the cardio room on Tuesday 23 May, meaning that some equipment will be off limits to centre visitors. It is anticipated that there will be reduced bikes and a reduced amount of treadmills available at the time when the works are taking place.

  • There will be interruptions to the spin room on Wednesday 24 May. The works are scheduled for the middle of the day, so some Virtual Spin sessions may be affected. However it is unlikely that any instructed spin classes will be affected.

  • On Friday 19 May and Monday 29 May, there will be fewer car parking spots available in the centre car park, due to crane works taking place. It is likely that at least 3 accessible parking spots will be off limits while the crane works take place.

Please note – the above timeline indications are subject to change and are dependent upon contractors and suppliers completing tasks in line with the project plan. We will provide notice wherever we are notified in advance of changes to the works program.

Facilities Available During the Works

During the upgrade works, the rooms affected will still be open to the public; however there will be restricted access to parts of the rooms. All works are planned to occur during the daytime, meaning that only Virtual Spin classes will be affected.

On Monday 22 May, access to the lockers in the cardio room will be restricted. Other lockers around the centre will be available for customers to use if they wish.

Further information

Thank you in advance for your patience as we undergo improvements to the facility. We look forward to providing updates as this refurbishment progresses.

For enquiries about the HVAC system upgrade at Collingwood Leisure Centre please email us at

Project manager
Ajwad Khoweiss
Project Manager Buildings
9205 5763

Centre manager
Mark Schmutter
Collingwood Leisure Centre – Centre Manager
9205 5522

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