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chemical waste in recycling binCouncil is running a campaign in partnership with VISY to encourage people to put the right things in their recycling bin, keep the recycling out of their rubbish bins, and join the draw to win movie vouchers.

It's about putting the win in your bin!

From June 2014, our roving guides will be checking residents' bins at random across Yarra every month for 12 months.

If the recycling bin is looking good – that is, if it has the right things for recycling in it – a smiling bin tag will be put on the bin, letting them know they can go in the draw for a movie voucher. They'll find a reply paid postcard in their letterbox which they simply send back to join the draw for a movie voucher.

If there are things in the recycling bin that shouldn't be there – like food, nappies, clothes - then the special bin tag will let them know what needs to come out of the bin to improve their recycling.

If the rubbish bin has some recycling in it, the tag on that bin will let them know what they can move from the rubbish to the recycling, to make their recycling better.

Typically about 15-20% of what's in rubbish bins is perfect for recycling.


Here are some recycling tips to help you earn a similing bin tag and a chance to win the movie voucher

  • If you take your recycling to the bin in a plastic bag, simply tip the recycling into your bin, and re-use the plastic bag, or put it in the garbage. If recycling is inside a plastic bag, the bag and everything in it goes to garbage and then landfill.
  • Aluminium and steel cans are perfect for recycling. The cans should be empty but they don't need to be squeaky clean.
  • Hard plastics are good to recycle – like yoghurt, margarine and ice containers, biscuit trays, shampoo and detergent bottles.
  • Soft plastics like gladwrap and frozen pea bags, should go in the red bin for soft plastics at coles or woolies, or in the rubbish bin.
  • Milk and juice cartons take 30 minutes to recycle.
  • Aerosol cans are the easiest can to recycle. Simply take off the plastic lid, and put them in the recycling bin.

Common items found in the recycling that shouldn't be in the kerbside recycling bin

  • Broken glass and plates – these should go in the garbage bin. Just one thumbnail of a plate or coffee cup can stop a ton of glass being recycled.
  • Large fluorescent light globes – simply drop these off in the special bin at the 24 Hour Recycling Drop Off Point in Roseneath St Clifton Hill.
  • Polystyrene – this can be recycled at the 24 Hour Recycling Drop Off Point - or put it in your garbage bin. It doesn't go in the kerbside recycling bin as it breaks up and gets caught up with everything else.
  • Printer Cartridges – these can be recycled at the 24 Hour Recycling Drop Off Point, or at Officeworks. These come back as speed humps!
  • Clothes and books – there's a bin for these at the 24 Hour Recycling Drop Off, or call the Salvos or Brotherhood of St Lawrence.
  • Food – this goes in the garbage bin – or ... the best place for your fruit and vegie leftovers is the compost bin or worm farm. You can buy one through Yarra City Council.

Further information
Kirsty Richards
9205 5785


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