Skip bin permits

A permit must be obtained from Council before a skip or bin can be placed on any local road or street.

Council does not provide skips for hire. You can find companies that hire out skips or bins in the Yellow Pages, under Waste Reduction & Disposal Services.

To place a bin or skip in our municipality the skip bin hire company must be registered with the City of Yarra.  When you hire a skip, they will arrange the permit for you.

If the skip company you choose is not registered with Council, you can obtain the permit yourself from Council’s Construction Management Branch at the Richmond Town Hall (333 Bridge Road, Richmond) between the hours of 8.30am and 5.00pm, weekdays. You will need to bring with you a certificate of currency of your public liability insurance for $10,000,000.

Please provide Council with as much notice as possible when applying for a permit. Applications received less than 24 hours prior to the proposed placement may not be approved.

Permit Costs

  • $21 per day (unmetered)
  • $57 per day (metered).  
    Please note – bins cannot be placed in clearway times.

Bin companies – to register with Council

As part of Council’s permit requirements for placing bins and skips on roadways, Council endorses the VicRoads ‘Code of Practice for the placement of Waste Bins on roadsides’.

If you are not currently registered with Council, you will need to Contact Council’s Construction Management team on 9205 5585 or at to request an online account.

Complete the registration form below and return it with a certificate of currency of your public liability policy (see details on the application form) to
doc format Application form for online services account (66.00 KB)

If any bin is going to close a road or lane entirely, use the Full Road Closure Courtesy Letter below as a guide for your seven day notice to local residents.
docx format Courtesy letter for road closure (42.08 KB)

Applications and payments online

From 1 December 2014, all applications and payments for skip bin permits will be online. Visit Council's e-services webpage.

Placement on roadways

Skips and bins placed on the roadway must:

  • be placed as close as possible to, and parallel with the kerb within a parking bay
  • not exceed the dimensions of a parking bay
  • not encroach onto the carriageway outside the parking bay’s white lines
  • if placed in a laneway, a minimum clear distance of 3m is required to ensure traffic is not obstructed or, if obstruction is unavoidable, the applicant will be required to give seven days written notice to affected residents
  • Clearways, No Standing and any other statutory parking signage must be adhered to (unless otherwise approved by Council)
  • not be placed in disabled parking zones
  • areas around skips and bins must be kept clean and clear of debris at all times
  • during removal of materials the contractor must ensure that the street is kept free from spillage
  • have reflective safety tape adhered to all exterior edges and in accordance with the VicRoads Code of Practice for the Placement of Waste Bins on Roadsides (January 2001)

Council may consider a request in writing to have the above conditions reviewed on a case by case basis.

Council reserves the right to remove any skip that:

  • is left with putrid or harmful matter
  • does not have a valid permit
  • is in a poor/unsightly condition
  • does not comply with all or any of the above requirements.

All permit conditions must be complied with. All costs incurred in the removal and storage of the skip or bin will be borne by its supplier.

All reasonable precautions should be taken to avoid damage to Council assets. If damage occurs as a result of a skip bin being placed on, or removed from, the site or whilst there as a result of its use, the permit holder will be held responsible for the cost of repairs and/or reinstatement. All repairs will be carried out by Council. The permit holder must advise Council immediately of any such damage.

Failure to comply with the requirements of the Local Law 2 2002 – Roads and Council Land, Part B, Section 11 may result in penalties and fines being issued by Council officers.

Further information
Construction Management Branch

9205 5585


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