Green waste

Green-waste-collection_-(7)Council offers residents a free collection service for garden waste such as branches, prunings and grass clippings.

Please note, soil, palm fronds, ivy, blackberry or bamboo plants are not accepted as part of Yarra's green waste collection service.

You can have as many green waste collections as needed per year. Collections usually occur on a Tuesday or a Wednesday.

Council is committed to providing a green waste collection within 10 days of it being requested.

To have your green waste collected:

  • Phone Council on 9205 5190 to make a booking.
  • Council staff will provide you with a pick-up date and ask questions about the contents and volume of your green waste.
  • Council staff will talk to you about the best location to place your green waste.
  • The night before the pick-up date, neatly place your green waste items in the agreed location, ready for collection.
  • Each collection can be up to a standard trailer load (or one cubic metre)
  • All branches must be tied together with string or twine only, in bundles no longer than 1.8m (6ft) in length and 30cm (1ft) in diameter.
  • Do not tie branches with plastic or wire
  • Lawn clippings or small prunings must be placed in a rigid container (i.e. crate, cardboard box) which can be lifted easily by one person. On most occasions, the container will be returned to you after it is emptied.

Green bins

Council is intending to sell green bins for green waste collections.

The size of the bin will be 240 litres (larger than a regular rubbish bin) and is expected to cost about $100. The bins would likely be available for purchase in August 2015.

 Council is keen to understand the demand for green bins by asking residents to register their interest in buying one from Council.

To register your interest, fill in the online form or contact Council on 9205 5517.

Please note, residents are not required to purchase a green bin order to have their green waste collected by Council – materials can continue to be bundled as usual. Residents who purchase a green bin will still need to call Council to book their collection. 

Free Christmas tree collection

A free Christmas tree collection service is available to local residents through January. 

Collected trees will be mulched, with the mulch to be distributed around Yarra’s parks.

To register for a collection, call Council on 9205 5190 before 31 January. Trees will need to be left out for collection within property lines.



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9205 5190

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