Rates and valuations

Family in park in YarraRate Notices for the 2014/2015 financial year will be mailed out to all Yarra ratepayers in August 2014.

The collection of rates from property owners is Council's primary means of raising revenue to pay for its services. Rate payments are your investment in services and infrastructure for the Yarra community.

In 2014/2015, Council's budget provides for a total income of $162 million, of which $89 million comes from general rates. The remaining income is to be raised from fees and charges, parking revenue, government grants and interest from investments. 

Here is more information on:

How rates are calculated 
How to pay your rates
Pensioner rates rebate
Overdue rates and payment arrangements
How property is valued
Change your details  
Land Information Certificates
About the Fire Services Levy

Further information
Philip Mason
Manager - Finance
9205 5449


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