Graffiti removal

GraffitiCouncil provides help to local residents and businesses in removing graffiti from their properties and in preventing its return.

Removing graffiti quickly is one of the most effective ways of deterring further vandalism and keeping local streets looking their best. When graffiti disappears from view quickly, it removes the incentive for people to commit this kind of vandalism in the future.

Council offers the following graffiti removal services to all residents and businesses:

Graffiti removal kits

These free kits make it easy for residents and business owners to remove tags or smaller pieces of graffiti from their own property. The kits include an environmentally-friendly cleaning solvent, a scrubbing brush, goggles, gloves and a paintbrush. To request a kit, contact Council on 9205 5555.

Discount on external paint

Council can provide discount vouchers for the purchase of external paint from local paint suppliers. To request a voucher, contact Council on 9205 5555.

Rapid removal

Council will work with the community to remove graffiti from private premises where it has a significant impact on public amenity (for example, where it is deemed offensive), and/or is in a priority zone (see Figure 1: a shopping centre, a gateway or an area of high prominence) or where residents are frail, aged or living with a disability.

Figure 1 Graffiti Removal Priority Zones

Figure 1: Graffiti Removal Priority Zones

Roads which fall into graffiti removal priority zones:

  • Nicholson St between Park St and Scotchmer St
  • St Georges Rd between Reid St and Clauscen St
  • Queens Pde
  • Berry St
  • Rathdowne St between Lee St and Fenwick St
  • Brunswick St between Alexandra Pde and Victoria St
  • Smith St between Alexandra Pde and Victoria St
  • Gertrude St between Nicholson St and Smith St
  • Johnston St from Nicholson St to Council boundary
  • Victoria St
  • Bridge Rd between Hoddle St and Yarra Blvd 
  • Swan St between Park Grove and Richmond Station 
  • Church St between Elm Grove and Yarra river (Council border) 

As part of our Customer Service Guarantee Customer Service Guarantee, Council is committed to responding to reports of offensive graffiti within four hours. To request our assistance in removing graffiti from a local property, contact Council on 9205 5555.

Preventing graffiti

Lighter coloured walls, fences, laneways and poorly maintained properties, both residential and commercial, often attract the most graffiti. You can reduce graffiti by making your property less attractive to criminal acts of vandalism.

Consider the following methods:

  • Keep your property well maintained
  • Use an anti-graffiti coating so that if your property is vandalised, you can remove the graffiti more easily. Ask your paint shop or hardware store for details
  • Plant fast growing vines or spiky plants such as bougainvillea
  • Use darker coloured paint on even surfaces
  • Use high-density, low absorbency materials such as hard-burnt bricks
  • Use rough or textured surfaces
  • Install sensor lighting

Reporting graffiti

Under the State Government Graffiti Prevention Act (2007) there are harsh penalties for those caught selling spray cans to minors and those caught illegally defacing or vandalising properties.

Here is more information about the authorities you can report graffiti to. 

Councils Graffiti Management Framework

For further information on Council’s position on illegal graffiti management, refer to Council’s Graffiti Management Framework:

pdf format 10770 COY Graffiti Management Strategy Document-07 (1) (5.00 MB) 


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