Municipal Emergency Management Plan

Council has a permanent and on-going responsibility for the well-being of the community and plays an important role in supporting the emergency services and other agencies responding to emergencies and providing community support and a longer term recovery role for those impacted.

Council has a Municipal Emergency Management Plan (MEMP) that outlines strategies for the prevention or mitigation of preparedness and response to and community support and recovery from a variety of emergencies that may occur within the City of Yarra.

This plan is the result of the collaborative efforts of all stakeholders with emergency management responsibilities within our city including the Police, SES, MFB, DHS, Vic roads, St Vincent’s Hospital, Ambulance Services and other government and non-government agencies.

Identified emergencies from Council’s Community Emergency Risk Management (CERM) review include:

  • Major Flooding of the Yarra River and Merri Creek
  • Hazardous Material releases or spills
  • Severe Storm
  • Structural Fires
  • Major Road and Rail Transport Accidents
  • Epidemics or Pandemics
  • Acts of Terrorism
  • Heatwaves
  • Flash Flooding
  • External Incidents (from outside Council’s area eg utility failure, contamination of water supply)

Council Role is to Provide:

  • Implementation of State initiated preventative strategies – planning and building codes; and planning for flood, health risk and fire prevention.
  • Local risk management and emergency planning
  • Community education and awareness programs; involving the community where possible in emergency management planning
  • Available resources including those not owned but under Council Control as needed by the response and recovery agencies and the community
  • A plan for use of all available emergency management resources within our municipal district
  • Management of community needs in all emergency management processes
  • Community support and assistance with the recovery needs of those affected to return back to routine functioning

To provide input or for more information contact Municipal Emergency Resource Officer on 9205 5555.

Contact us for more information: 

Yarra City Council
T: (03) 9205 5555   


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