Licensed venues

Interior of a barSmoking is prohibited in all enclosed licensed premises (legislation introduced 1 July 2007).

Smoking is also prohibited in outdoor drinking or dining areas where there is a roof in place and walls covering more than 75% of the notional wall area.

Please be aware that any structural alterations may require Building or Planning Department approval. The contact numbers for these units are - Building 9205 5095 and Planning 9205 5373.

For further information, including definitions and descriptions of enclosed areas, check:

Department of Health website

Managing no smoking requirements

No smoking signage is required to be displayed in no smoking areas. More information on signage.

Many licensed premises in Yarra do not have a suitable outdoor dining or drinking area within their property boundary. They will therefore be relying on using the footpath for patrons to smoke. There are a number of potential negative amenity impacts that may flow on from use of this public space including increased litter, noise and street obstruction. Council has prepared the following Guidelines to assist businesses in managing any amenity impacts.

 pdf format Tobacco Reform Factsheet (132.73kB)

Vending Machines

Vending machines are only be to be located in licensed premises as follows:

• In a bottle shop - immediately adjacent to the service counter.
• In a bar area - in line of sight of the bar and not more than 5m from the outer edge of the bar.
• In a gaming area - in line of sight of a service counter.

Vending machines are no longer allowed in restaurants, bingo centres or staff amenity areas.

Further information
Health Protection Unit
9205 5166

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