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Council’s Health Protection Unit provides information and advice to businesses about the requirements of the Tobacco Act and how to ensure businesses are acting responsibly in regards to selling tobacco products or regulating smoking in a venue. Council can also use enforcement action when a business is found to be not complying with the requirements.

Tobacco reform program

The State Government has been progressively implementing tobacco reforms for a number of years that include:

  • No smoking within four metres of the entrance to all childcare centres, kindergartens, pre schools, primary schools and secondary schools.
  • No smoking within four metres of the entrance to public hospitals, registered community health centres and some government buildings such as courts, parliament and police stations.
  • Restricting retail advertising of cigarettes.
  • No sales of cigarettes to minors (under 18 year olds) and providing harsher penalties for selling to minors
  • No smoking within 10 metres of playgrounds and skate parks, sporting venues during under 18s events and within the grounds of public swimming pools.
  • No smoking in a motor vehicle if a person under the age of 18 years is present
  • No sale of tobacco products from temporary outlets
  • Providing the Minister for Health with the power  to ban the sale of certain tobacco products and packaging that appeal to young people
  • No display of tobacco products at point-of-sale with an exemption for certified ‘specialist tobacconists’.
  • No smoking in any enclosed workplace including shops, carparks, restaurants, pubs and clubs.
  • No smoking in outdoor drinking or dining areas where there is a roof in place and walls covering more than 75% of the “notional” wall area.
  • Restricting vending machines to bars or gaming areas of licensed premises and within sight of a service area.
  • No “non branded” tobacco advertising (e.g. matches / lighters) or buzz marketing (use of auditory or visual prompts to remind of previous ads /brands).
  • No smoking in covered areas of train stations or tram stops.
  • No smoking at under age music / dance events.
  • “No smoking” signage to be displayed in no smoking areas.

Tobbaco Test Purchase Program

Council participates in a statewide test purchase program which is coordinated by the Department of Health and Human Services. Teenagers (typically aged 15-16 years old) are employed to attempt to purchase cigarettes from local tobacco retailers. Offending retailers are issued with “on the spot” fines or, if they re-offend, prosecuted in the Magistrates’ Court where they are subject to fines of up to $14,018 for individuals and $70,092 for companies.

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