Infectious disease

An injectionCouncil aims to minimise the incidence or spread of infectious diseases through the administration and enforcement of the relevant provisions of the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008 and to reduce the incidence of vaccine preventable diseases in the community.


A key role of the Health Protection Unit is administering vaccinations to babies, infants, school age children and adults.
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Personal Care and Body Art Businesses

Council's Health Protection Unit registers and inspects all premises conducting skin penetration activities such as tattooists, body piercers, ear piercers and electrolysis clinics in addition to beauty parlours and hairdressers. The purpose of this registration is to prevent the spread of infectious diseases by regular inspection (which checks correct cleaning, sterilisation and operator procedure), proprietor education and information transfer.
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Prescribed Accommodation

Council's Health Protection Unit registers and inspects prescribed accommodation premises such as residential accommodation, motels, hotels, hostels, student dormitories and rooming houses.  The purpose of inspections is to ensure premises meet requirements related to overcrowding, cleanliness and hygiene.  Prescribed accommodation, that are not rooming houses, where 5 or less people in addition to family members are accommodated, and prescribed accommodation that are rooming house where 3 or less people in addition to any family members are accommodated are not prescribed accommodation and do not require registration.
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Public Swimming Pools and Spas

Public pools and spas are inspected by officers from Council’s Health Protection Unit to ensure that standards relating to cleanliness and disinfection are being met.


Community concerns about premises cleanliness, procedures, or control of infectious disease are investigated by officers from Councils Health Protection Unit.


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