Our service principles

Whether you contact Yarra Council by phone, in writing, or talk directly with Council staff, there are certain standards and principles you can expect.

1. Respect and dignity

  • You can expect to be treated with dignity and respect and to have your privacy protected.

2. Privacy and confidentiality

  • We are strongly committed to protecting your privacy.
  • Any information we obtain from you will be held securely and will not be disclosed to anybody else, without your permission.
  • You have the right to request access to your information and to ask for it to be corrected, if necessary.

3. Assessment without discrimination

  • Your specific support requirements will be accommodated as far as possible.
  • The decision to provide a service will be based on your individual assessed need and the capacity of services to meet that need.

4. Information

  • You have the right to know about services, so that you can make your own decisions.

5. Decision making

  • You have the right to make choices about the services you want and you are encouraged to decide how best the services can meet your needs.
  • You also have the right to refuse or cease services.

6. Complaints and feedback

  • If you have any concerns about any of our services, please discuss yoru concerns with us.
  • Our aim is to ensure you consistently receive quality services, so your feedback, whether positive or negative is vital.
  • If you do not wish to make a formal complaint, we also welcome informal feedback.

7. The right to an advocate of your choice

  • If you don’t feel comfortable talking with Council officers on your own, you may find it helpful to have someone else with you to speak on your behalf.
  • This person is called an Advocate.
  • You can choose anyone to be your advocate and some agencies specialise in providing advocacy people for when dealing with government organisations.
  • We can provide you with contact numbers for these agencies.

8. Needs based services

  • All services will be purchased and provided on the basis of relative need.
  • This means that those households with the highest need and least ability to afford these services will be given priority of access to Council support services.

9. Duty of care

  • Council is bound by a duty of care to ensure that all our staff and service providers exercise reasonable care in the provision of services and act to protect the health, well-being and safety of you and your household.
  • The City of Yarra has adopted a Statement of Client’s Rights.
  • The two part statement clearly sets out Council’s expectations of your responsibilities when receiving our services.

Your rights

  • The right to be treated with courtesy.
  • The right to be assessed for access to services without discrimination.
  • The right to be part of decisions made about your care.
  • The right to refuse services / or an offer of services at any time.
  • The right to choose from available alternatives.
  • The right to involve an advocate of your choice.
  • The right to receive good quality services.
  • The right to be informed and consulted about services and other relevant matters.
  • The right to complain if you are not happy with the service.
  • The right to privacy and confidentiality, and access to all personal information kept about you.

Your responsibilities

  • To respect and treat staff and other service users with courtesy and respect.
  • To respect the human worth and dignity of the service provider, staff and other service users.
  • To take responsibility for the results of any decisions you make.
  • To cooperate with staff providing services for you.
  • To provide a safe work environment for staff and help them to provide you with services safely.
  • To refrain from smoking whilst the carer is in the room.

Further information
Aged and Disability Services
9205 5285

National Relay Service
 users phone 133 677 then ask for 03 9205 5555.
Speak & Listen users (speech-to-speech relay) phone 1300 555 727 then ask for 03 9205 5555.
Internet relay users connect to the National Relay Service via www.relayservice.com.au and then ask for 03 9205 5555.

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