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lunar-paradeYarra is a vibrant, culturally diverse community, with 29% of its residents born overseas.

Multiculturalism contributes to the unique character of Yarra and also plays a vital role in the growth and development of tourism. Council is committed to celebrating diversity in the community and to providing support to newly arrived residents.


According to the 2011 Census, 19% of Yarra residents were born in a non-English speaking country, and 23% speak a language other than English.

Top 10 overseas birthplaces of Yarra residents:

  • United Kingdom
  • Vietnam                              
  • New Zealand                    
  • Greece                                
  • China                                    
  • Italy                                      
  • United States of America            
  • Malaysia                             
  • India                                     
  • Ireland      

Top 10 languages (other than English) spoken in Yarra:

  • Vietnamese
  • Greek
  • Italian
  • Cantonese
  • Mandarin
  • Arabic
  • Spanish
  • Hakka
  • French
  • German

For more information, visit Yarra's Multicultural Demographics website.

Council’s Multicultural and Language Services

Language Services

For assistance with contacting Council in a language other than English, please visit our Language Services webpage.

Speaking Your Language Info Packs

Council offers info packs in 10 languages to provide members of our linguistically diverse communities with important information on the broad range of Council services that they can access.

Engaging with Culturally Diverse Communities

Council places great emphasis on communicating and engaging with our community, particularly people in culturally diverse communities - read more here.  

Multicultural Partnerships Plan

Yarra's Multicultural Partnership Plan aims to help Council ensure that Yarra is a place where all people can participate in community life regardless of their race, culture, religion or language. To find out more, visit the Multicultural Partnerships Plan webpage

Multilingual Library Collections 

Yarra Libraries aims to provide a broad range of books, materials and services for all sections of the community, including those from non-English speaking backgrounds. Collections in languages other than English are held at various branches, but can be reserved from any location. To find out more, visit the Multilingual Library Collections webpage.

Community Grants 

Council provides a range of community grants to provide support to local groups and community initiatives. Visit the Community Grants webpage.

Citizenship Ceremonies 

Council holds several Citizenship Ceremonies for Yarra residents every year. To find out more, visit the Citizenship Ceremonies webpage.

Community Service Directory 

For information on community groups in Yarra, visit Council's Community Service Directory

Refugees and Asylum Seekers

Yarra City Council welcomes refugees and asylum seekers. For more information, visit the Refugees and Asylum Seekers webpage.


Yarra City Council is proud to have joined forces with some of Australia’s leading businesses, sporting bodies and non-government organisations to support the Racism. It stops with me campaign.

As part of Yarra’s Multicultural Policy and Action Plan 2010-14, Council pledged to support the anti-racism campaign which is being led by the Australian Human Rights Commission, has been developed by a partnership of government and non-government agencies.

Yarra Interfaith Network 

The Yarra Interfaith Network (YIN) is an incorporated association comprising representatives from a variety of faith backgrounds in the City of Yarra who meet monthly. The purpose of the association is to contribute peace and harmony to the Yarra Community through dialogue, cooperation and understanding between people of diverse cultures respecting the integrity of each other’s belief, cultures and traditions.  Visit the Yarra Interfaith Network website.

Yarra Settlement Forum

The Yarra Settlement Forum (YSF) is a network of agencies located in the City of Yarra who provide services for refugees, asylum seekers and newly arrived migrants. YSF aims to act as an advocacy body and deliver projects/forums in response to refugee and asylum seeker settlement issues in Yarra.  YSF is proactive in addressing settlement barriers for newly arrived communities which can limit participation in community life.  Council co-facilitates the YSF with CoHealth.

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Further information
Cristina Del Frate
Community Planner - Multicultural Affairs 
9205 5174


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