Smith Street Community Plan

In 2009, Yarra City Council conducted an extensive community engagement project to develop a Smith Street Community Plan – Framework for Action.

Participants in the project included representatives from Aboriginal organisations, the broader Aboriginal community including the Parkies, community agencies and organisations, State and Federal Government, Victoria Police, local businesses and the local community.

The Plan will guide Council and its many partners in working towards the vision developed during the project.

Adopted Vision

The Smith Street of 2030 will:

• value and protect the diversity of the street: its Indigenous and multicultural people, its different uses, its various services and facilities, its heritage and multiple, concurrent histories

• engage people in a wide range of different cultural and artistic expressions that help to celebrate the street and its people, and spark imagination, understanding and connection to the area;

• embody a mix of “local, eclectic, welcoming and inclusive” street life, and be a good place to live, visit and do business, is safe and feels safe and is attractive and well cared for

• have updated facilities, including a community cultural centre, that are vibrant, relevant and beautiful, and respond to the needs of groups that have been underserviced in the past and the Indigenous community in particular

• have better health and wellbeing outcomes for all people in the street and provide health-giving environments, health-giving opportunities for work and leisure, and outreach services that support good health and wellbeing

• value and protect the natural environment and endeavour to introduce more green and natural features to the area, and promote conservation behaviours

• have a vibrant and diverse economic environment with suitable employment and training opportunities available to local residents. Local enterprise, in 2030, will be supported and fostered by government and the community; and

• offer a place where community members can actively participate in public life and decision making, and work constructively and creatively with their Council as well as other partner agencies and departments on a shared plan for the community.

Here is the  pdf format Smith Street Community Plan (326.35kB)

Further information
Daniel Ducrou
Aboriginal History of Fitzroy Project Officer
9205 5107

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