Reports and Acquittals

Every grant recipient is required to submit an Acquittal Report including a Financial Report within two months of completion of their funded project.

For multi-year funded projects, applicants are required to submit a Progress Report at scheduled milestones.

Grants recipients will be emailed an Acquittal Form. Please complete this form within the appropriate timeframe and submit it through your Smarty Grants online account

Organisations may be ineligible for future funding until all completed projects are successfully acquitted.

If you are unsure if your organisation needs to acquit any previous grants, please contact the Grants team on 9205 5170.

Project Variation Request Form

If you received funding under the Community Grants Program and your project has changed or is delayed, you will need to submit a Project Variation Request Form. 

Please contact the Grants team on 9205 5170 to arrange a Project Variation Request Form to be sent to your Smarty Grants online account.  



Further information
Yarra Grants Team
Emily Fitzgerald or Julie Davies
9205 5170 

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