Brunswick Street affordable housing

Builder views work on a new extension

An affordable housing project at 239 Brunswick Street - which is owned by Yarra City Council - was completed in early 2011.

Tenants moved into the building in April 2011.

The four-storey building with 14 studio apartments was constructed by Yarra Community Housing after Council granted them a 40-year lease of the property in 2009. 

This project received funding approval under the Australian Government’s Nation Building Economic Stimulus Plan.

The façade of the new building was amended from the original plans to retain heritage elements. Yarra Community Housing proposed this change in response to heritage concerns raised by the community.

Lease of retail space at 241 Brunswick Street 

In November 2010, Council sought public submissions on a proposal by Council to grant a lease to Bul Pty Ltd for a fashion retail store at 241 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy.

Council did not receive any public submissions, and the lease was executed.

The lease includes the following terms and conditions:

  • The lease will be for a term of five (5) years
  • The commencement date will be 1  February 2011
  • The commencing rent will be $60,000 per annum excluding GST
  • The rent will be adjusted annually by 5% on the anniversary of the commencement date during the term
  • The tenant will be committed as from the commencement date to carry out a fit out of the premises subject to the tenant seeking and obtaining municipal council and any other governing regulatory authority approval prior to commencement of the works
  • The permitted use is for fashion retail
  • The tenant will be obliged to pay outgoings in respect of the services to the premises, including Council and water rates


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