Business and Industrial Land Strategy

Council adopted a Business and Industrial Land Strategy at its meeting on 5 June 2012.

The Strategy aims to guide future activity and development of business and industrial zoned land in Yarra. 

It provides Council with guidance on how much land is required for industry, offices, commercial and retail activities, and what mix of activities is suitable. It also includes recommendations about areas that could be rezoned to achieve an appropriate balance.

It covers all land in a business or industrial zone except land zoned as Business 1 (which mainly involves retail shopping precincts). Shopping precincts were excluded from the draft Strategy because they are likely to be covered by separate structure plans or local area plans focused on retail and related activities.

Business and Industrial Land Strategy

The Strategy can be viewed in PDF format  below. As it is a large file, it has been divided into five parts. 

pdf format Business and Industrial Land Strategy (Part 1 - Pages 1 to 19).pdf (2.02 MB)

pdf format Business and Industrial Land Strategy (Part 2 - Pages 20 to 38).pdf (1.94 MB)

pdf format Business and Industrial Land Strategy (Part 3 - Pages 39 to 63).pdf (2.23 MB)

pdf format Business and Industrial Land Strategy (Part 4 - Pages 64 to 74).pdf (2.23 MB)

pdf format Business and Industrial Land Strategy (Part 5 - Pages 75 to 77).pdf (176.88 KB)

Background Report

A Background Report about the draft Strategy can be viewed below in PDF format. As it is a large file, it has been divided into nine parts.

pdf format Background Report (Part 1) - Executive Summary & Chapter 1 (Pages i to 4).pdf (876.66 KB)

pdf format Background Report (Part 2) - Chapter 2 (Pages 5 to 22).pdf (1.51 MB)

pdf format Background Report (Part 3) - Chapter 2 (Pages 23 to 42).pdf (2.14 MB)

pdf format Background Report (Part 4) - Chapter 3 (Pages 43 to 59).pdf (2.28 MB)

pdf format Background Report (Part 5) - Chapter 4 & 5 (Pages 60 to 67).pdf (214.52 KB)

pdf format Background Report (Part 6) - Chapter 6 (Pages 68 to 88).pdf (1.96 MB)

pdf format Background Report (Part 7) - Chapter 6 (Pages 89 to 111).pdf (1.63 MB)

pdf format   Background Report (Part 8) - Chapter 7 & 8 (Pages 112 to 125) .pdf (328.12 KB)

pdf format Background Report (Part 9) - Appendix A (Pages 126 to 143).pdf (519.84 KB)


Background information

Council considered a recommendation from officers to adopt the strategy (with some changes to the draft version) at its meeting on Tuesday 20 March 2012. To read a copy of the report considered by Council at this meeting, go to page 32 of the meeting agenda.

At the 20 March 2012 meeting, Council decided to defer consideration of the strategy for four weeks to:

  • allow Councillors to further consider recommended zone changes
  • allow Councillors to meet with strategic planners and representatives of Yarra Climate Action Now (YCAN) to consider the most appropriate way of incorporating sustainability into land use planning in Yarra, and
  • request a meeting with consultants SGS to test the recommended changes and analysis in line with the objectives, if appropriate.

Further information
Peter Mollison
Senior Strategic Planner
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