Sustainable Design Guidelines

Council recommends anyone planning to build or renovate read Yarra's Sustainable Design Guidelines.

The guidelines will form part of the tool kit used to assess planning and building applications in Yarra. Whilst not a statutory part of the Yarra Planning Scheme, they guide applicants and planners in the application of sustainable design.

The guidelines are a series of practical notes for single dwellings, apartments, townhouses, commercial buildings and warehouse conversions. They include examples of building design and layouts that optimise natural daylight, cross ventilation and sunlight all year round, and provide guidance on the selection of energy efficient building materials and appliances. The guidelines can be viewed here:

 pdf format Sustainable Design Guidelines - Apartments.pdf (816.00kB)
 pdf format Sustainable Design Guidelines - Commercial Developments.pdf (565.80kB)
 pdf format Sustainable Design Guidelines - Single Dwellings or Extensions.pdf (706.55kB)
 pdf format Sustainable Design Guidelines - Townhouses.pdf (767.20kB)
 pdf format Sustainable Design Guidelines - Warehouse Conversions.pdf (690.16kB)

Here is more information about Sustainable Heritage Buildings.

Yarra Sustainability Awards

The Yarra Sustainabilty Awards celebrate the Yarra community’s innovative efforts towards environmental sustainability.
Categories include environmentally sustainable design, community action, business, home and garden (renters and home owners) and schools and children’s centres.
As well as focusing on businesses that make changes to make their everyday operations more sustainable, these awards also have a specific category for innovative design.

This category aims to reward quality and creative design which has minimised impacts on the environment and made a positive contribution to our neighbourhood and streetscape.
It is an ideal forum for Yarra-based builders, architects, landscape designers and related professions to share their ideas with the wider community.

Here is more information about the Yarra Sustainability Awards.

Further Information
Euan Williamson (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)
Gavin Ashley (Thursday, Wednesday/Friday alternating weeks)
Environmentally Sustainable Design Advisors
9205 5366

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